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The Mash & Lauter team has a gift of thinking as a business owner and putting themselves in your shoes. Their ability to quickly learn your business, develop a strategy and talk you through it in an easy to digest manner, is truly amazing. I highly recommend Mash & Lauter for any business planning, strategy, marketing and consulting as they’re easy to work with, honest and willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed.


Eric Hines, CEO

What we do best

“When I started by business from scratch, I turned to Mash & Lauter to seamlessly help us establish our logo design and brand strategy. They did that and more which allowed me to focus my energies elsewhere during that time period.”

Connor Braniff

Community Association Manager


“Mash and Lauter does a wonderful job of focusing on our specific marketing needs, and creating tailor-made plans to meet our goals as a non-profit organization. They have a unique brand perspective that allows us to keep our marketing streamlined across various forms of media, and take the time to ask pivotal questions about our fundraising goals and always incorporates our vision into the strategy, never losing sight of our mission. Mash & Lauter provides timely professional services always resulting in the highest quality of work.”

Kim Powers


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